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Love Language in the Sunnah…

There are moments in a marriage when you may feel isolated, disconnected or unheard. Most of the times it’s due to how love is expressed and misunderstood between the spouses.

Here are some of the ways Prophet ﷺ expressed love for his wives:

Say It Often – Use Words of Affirmation Frequently

Once Aisha (radia Allahu ‘anha) asked the Prophet ﷺ, “How is your love for me?” He replied, “Like a strong binding knot.” Every so often, Aisha asked him ﷺ, “How is the knot?”, to which his reply was, “As strong as the first day.”

Be sure to verbally say to your spouse words of affirmation like “I love you”, “thank you”, “I really appreciate when…”, etc.

Never assume your spouse knows or that they don’t need to hear it again.

Spend Quality Time Together Without Distractions

It was known when the Prophet ﷺ spoke with anyone, he turned his entire body to face his audience and show they had his undivided attention.

During one expedition with the Muslim army, the Prophet ﷺ asked them to move ahead, while he and his wife trailed behind to spend quality time together. He ﷺ and Aisha (radia Allahu anha) raced, chatted, and walked back to the group together.

When you spend time with your spouse, put your phone away, turn the T.V. off, and have good, quality time without distractions – even if it’s only 15 minutes.

Gift Often “Just Because”

The Prophet ﷺ taught us to give gifts as a means to increase love for one another. While it’s good to do so during occasions like Eid… the most precious gift is the one given for no reason at all other than to say “I love you”.

Out of his pure love for his late wife, Khadijah (radia Allahu ‘anha), whenever the Prophet ﷺ slaughtered a sheep, he sent a share to her friends, long after she passed. So how much more if she were alive?

The most precious gift is the one given for no reason at all other than to say “I love you”.

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