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Make the most out of your life and achieve your BEST YEAR EVER!

As salamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, this is Muhammad Alshareef.

I was once in Hajj with my group and we were sitting in the tents in Mina wearing white towels. While was serving the group, I saw one of the brothers looking very distraught and sad. I called upon him and I asked, “What’s wrong?”, and he said this amazing statement to me. He said, Muhammad, I don’t feel like I’ve done my best in this Hajj.

Can you imagine the sadness of going all the way to Hajj and not doing your best? I totally understood what he was saying. I want you to reflect back on your own life this past year. Have you done your best?

You might think that it doesn’t really matter but when year after year passes by, you started looking back and ask yourself,

“Did I do my best?”
And then a decade happens, sadness comes upon you where you say, “Is Allah subhanahu wa taAllah going to accept this from me and how I use my time. If our potential is limitless, then as year passes by, have I really lived up to my potential? And the answer is NO. I don’t think I’ve done what I’ve set up to do.” You may feel the same way.

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Now the New Year is upon us and we want to live up to our potential, we want to do our best and we have to understand as Muslims, that it’s not going to happen by accident because excellence is never the result of accident. Accidents only bring chaos and if you look back at some previous years and you find that your life is getting into a little chaos, then understand that you’re living your life just by accident wherever the river takes you.

In order to have excellence in your life, then you’ve got to strategize it. You’ve got to plan it. You got to tie your camel as the Prophet said that we must do as believers and place our trust in Allah subhanahu wa taAllah.
If you dive deep into the Seerah, you will find something amazing. The Seerah is not based on miracles overcompensated for the lack of planning for the Muslims. Take previous Prophets, all of them came, there would be a big miracle and the people would believe or disbelieve and in many cases the people would disbelieve and then they would be punished. But when the Prophet salalahu alaihi wa salam came, he didn’t come with some miracle like parting of the sea. Rather, the Prophet salalahu alaihi wa salam came with the Quran and it spoke to the intellect of the people when they heardit, they believed in Allah subhanahu wa taAllah. So the Seerah is based on strategy.

Strategy, shura, contingencies. When you look at the Seerah, you will understand that the Prophet salalahu alaihi wa salam planned how the believers would pass this message from country to country, from people to people.

That’s what we see from our legacy, from the Prophet salalahu alaihi wa salam and the companions. How about you? How have you been spending the past year? Have you been strategizing? Have you been executing your strategy? Or do you just let the year go by? A lot of people that’s what they do.

A believer wants to take it to the next level and bring excellence and strategy into their life.
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We all know the hadith, tie your camel and place you trust in Allah. When a companion came to the Prophet salalahu alaihi wa salam, trying to understand trying to understand what it meant. The Prophet salalahu alaihi wa salam told him to both tie your camel i.e. put in the strategy, put in the plan, everything that you need to do to tie your camel. Put in that worldly effort and then place your trust in Allah subhanahu wa taAllah. They go together and as a believer, we have to understand that’s what we must do if we want to live our dreams.

The course that you have in front of you is called the DreamWalker. It is a master course that I’ve designed to bring the data and strategy and planning to the life of the believer in the upcoming year.

This is Muhammad Alshareef and I look forward to see you in this program and together we will achieve our best year ever! As salamu alaikum warahmahtullahi wabarakatuh.

If you want to achieve your best year ever, check this out!

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