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When we think of motivation, when we’re starting something new and exciting, we kind of think of it like a marriage where we live happily ever after.

Sorry to wake you up sleeping beauty but this isn’t Disney.

Motivation instead works like a honeymoon, you might be excited for one weekend, one month, maybe even one year you’re excited but there’s going to be a time when you got to get to normal life and things aren’t so rosy and they’re not so sweet.

Think of it like this, if you get on a motorcycle with no helmet, no guards on your legs, you’re wearing sandals.

You’re assuming that you’re never going to crash.

Now, the problem happens when you do crash and you’re probably going to die.

Rather than acting like that, assume that a crash might happen and in the case of motivation, it will happen and prepare for it in advance by putting your helmet on from now or having a strategy of what to do when crash comes.

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