Society is designed to keep moms and dads incredibly busy – even parents consciously active in their kids’ lives seem to be rushing every waking hour.

There are 2 critical things that drove our decision to launch this program:

1. The need to ground us back to Allah and Islamic principles.
2. The need to centre the parent first

At DiscoverU, we recruited a team of parenting educators, Imams, and psychotherapists to build a program not only driven by Islamic values…

…it centers the parent…

…so you can unleash what is within you to raise God-conscious Muslims…

…with calm, serenity, wisdom, and barakah, in sha Allah.


If you want an excellent life, then stop thinking it’ll happen by accident.

What if instead of pulling goals out of thin air (or some false sense of obligation)…

…you created a GROWTH SYSTEM to measure what makes you happy, prepare for the pitfalls, and engineer your path forward based on what makes you tick!

  Live lessons with lifetime access
  Open Mic mentoring with Muhammad Alshareef
  Accountability check-ins throughout the year
  Closed Community of Fellow DreamWalkers
  Supplementary “Master Your Emotions” Add-On
  Plug-and-Play DreamCards (Printable)

Visionaire Ramadan

Imagine you made unrealistic Duas (the kind friends would laugh at), then watched them come true – again and again.

What kinda life would you be designing?

  This is DiscoverU’s most popular flagship program
  Students return every year to take again and again
  Live and online only once a year in Ramadan
  Global Community of Visionaires to raise you up

“Duas I make now are ones I never had the guts to voice to myself, let alone to ask Allah, things I didn’t even dare to want for myself. 

With Visionaire, you get in touch with that part of you, and work up the courage to desire the impossible without worrying about the ‘how’.”  – Ifrah Ibrahim


Muhammad Alshareef, founder of multiple international enterprises in both the Non-Profit and For-Profit sectors will teach you How To Become A NicheHero:

Carve Out Your Own WOW Idea,
Become A Person Of Influence,
And Leave A Lasting Legacy In This World.

In the last 20 years, he has launched businesses, dawah projects, consulted global enterprises, met and learned from multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and coaches.

In NicheHero, you’ll get insider information and direct access to Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef and his two decades worth of experience.
You’ll learn how to develop:

behavioural flexibility in the face of obstacles
confidence in the face of self-doubt and criticism
​ action-based attitude in the face of procrastination 
charismatic leadership to rally followers around your vision and ideas
scientific methods for birthing creative, WOW ideas
for your goals and successes
​ ​authority
as the single hero in competitive markets 

I took over a 100 leadership courses since then and still it boiled down to everything you taught us in those 6 days Masha’Allah. Just a reinforcement of what I learned with you. But the best part is the islamification of the process. How to apply towards the Muslim community.” – Dr. Waleed Hakeem

Like A Garment (Dr. Yasir Qadhi)

In privacy, learn everything you need to know about love, sex, and romance in Islam

  The most complete program on Halal Intimacy
  Taught by Dr. Yasir Qadhi & a team of experts
 On-Demand modules with lifetime access
 Anonymous Q&A sessions available Live


“Like a Garment opened my eyes to how I was approaching my wife and how I was making it worse instead of better. 
I will never regret taking Like a Garment.”  – Anonymous Student

The Marriage That Led To Jannah

As you read this, change is already happening to your marriage.
There is no time to sit back and take notes. This is why The Marriage That Led To Jannah is designed so you can see transformations by Day 1, in sha Allah.

It’s a multi-layered program with 7 experts to help you build a marriage that will in sha Allah lead to Jannah.


The 8 modules of the program will cover:

  How To Put Allah Back In Your Marriage
 How To Fight Less & Love More
  How To Apply Prophetic Emotional Intelligence
 The Prophet ﷺ & Your Marriage
 How To Communicate Like Open Books
  How Not To Lose Yourself In Marriage
 Get “Jump-Out-Your-Seats” Excited About Your Future Together
 How To Love Being In Love

“My wife and I were in a very difficult relationship. We were on the verge of getting separated. So far these videos helped us have meaningful discussion. It helped us take positive steps towards a better relationship. I have already spoken to some of my close friends to enroll as I find these materials are highly beneficial.” – Anonymous Student


  How To Complete 100+ Books Per Year
  Includes 1 Year Subscription to Private M.A.S Book Club
  Learn how to turn off the boredom switch and stay engaged
  Deep dive discussions at 2 books a month
  Bonus: Eradicate the Time Excuse in 7 Steps

Experience the thrill of completing 100 books cover to cover in one year. It’s like having 100 mentors at your side, 100 programs in your arsenal.

“Muhammad, this is NOT what I expected, and I LOVE it. Now that the world’s opened up, where do I even begin?!”

The Millionaire Who Went to Jannah

 How to master your wealth as a Muslim and stop sabotaging your financial success
  How to make your path to wealth, your path to Jannah
  Get brutally honest with your money story and build your roadmap with Dunya and Akhira strategies
 On-Demand modules with lifetime access

“Muhammad Alshareef is *very* skilled in helping you to see things and reframe them in a new, empowering way, and really helps you to see how the limiting beliefs actually limit your potential to bring about change in the Ummah and make an impact on the world. I’d love to see more people view wealth and success in a positive light, with his expertise.” – MK

Time Traveller

Whatever is missing in your life, I can guarantee you that you are making the painfully inaccurate excuse that you don’t have enough time.

If you eradicated the “time excuse” from your life, what could you accomplish with your marriage, children, wealth, and business?

  On-Demand modules with lifetime access
  Powerful activities and systems to manage your life
 Bonus: Recordings of In-Person Weekend Seminar “Live Your Dreams”
  Bonus: How to Slay the Criticism Dragon Webinar
 Bonus: How to Ensure Everyday Brings You Closer To Allah’s Paradise

The BringIt! Challenge

  The No-Nonsense, All-Action Program
  No lecturing; only massive decisive action
  4 days of Time Mastery, Wealth Mastery, Deen Mastery, and Health Mastery

How each day looks:

1. Visualization activities.
2. Valuable resources personally recommended by Muhammad Alshareef.
3. Nucleus of the program is a 20-minute countdown clock to take inspired action towards your dreams.
4. For each 24-hour cycle you’ll take action after action, giving yourself 10 points for each one. Your aim is to get 100 points on each day of the 4-Day BringIt! Challenge.
5. Celebration sessions.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. And the first step is the hardest. That’s why we are doing it together.