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Building Blocks

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We learned the hard way – that just because we say “new year, new me” – doesn’t mean we control what hits us in the coming weeks and months. 

We don’t know what the future holds, BUT we can control how we take on whatever comes. 

Your physical, mental, and spiritual states determine your capacity to dream, your willingness to take action, and your strength to take on the challenges ahead…

…and there will be challenges.

Get the building blocks – your ultimate toolkit –  to unlock your potential and catapult yourself into the 2022 you wish to experience, in sha Allah. 

The 5-Day Raise Her Dua Challenge

JAN 12-16, 2022

Imagine your life was a movie – you could pause it, tear up the pieces you hate, rewrite the script, and step into a fresh scene altogether.  

You get to take all your blessings, everything that makes you strong and happy – so you can rise above all the pain.

In this new chapter, you come closer to Allah through Deen & Dunya goals, you set higher standards that bring out your better self…

…a woman who lives by Dua and slays inner demons…

…someone who set the foundations to surpass fitness goals, health targets, financial dreams, and find peace in your spiritual spaces.

In 2022, you decide right now – it will be a year of BARAKAH, adventure, and joy.

 And because this is Dunya, there will be challenges…

… so you’ll need to pack Tawakkul and resilience on this journey you’re about to start.