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Starting Sept 23rd

WOW ideas don’t just pop in your head. It’s not that strike of creativity you get in the middle of the night. There’s a specific 1-2-3 knockout formula with proven strategies to come up with WOW ideas you can launch – so you can finally do something fun for you, beneficial to your audience, and actually be profitable, in sha Allah.

With Launchpad, you’ll get immediate access to everything on discovering, developing, and refining your WOW idea. 

Paradise Beneath My Feet | Virtual Parenting Retreat

Oct 30 & 31

DiscoverU invited 4 educators specialized in their respective fields of family counselling, mental health, and parenting…to bring you our first FREE Virtual Parenting Retreat – PARADISE BENEATH MY FEET.

Because look, parenting ain’t easy – we all need a moment to retreat, take a timeout, and transform – not just for our kids, but for ourselves too.

Join the FREE Virtual Parenting Retreat right here: