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What are you delaying today because you are insisting on doing it perfectly? Looking back, most of us has so many things that could’ve been accomplished if we just ignore our perfectionist thoughts.

What would it look like if you accepted to do it imperfectly? Chances are those things would have been done, not perfect but with ihsan (excellence).

Here are 4 things that you need to know about perfectionism.

Perfectionism is a delayer of dreams. Instead of just doing it and moving forward, it will delay you and stress you out. it hinders you from a lot of possibilities in your life that could lead you to actually hitting your goals. What are you letting yourself off the hook of in your life and you’re probably unfulfilled because you are aiming for that perfectionism.

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Excellence vs perfectionism. Excellence is a constant improvement. It is actually accepting that you are not perfect but you are trying to improve on it. Ihsan does not mean to strive for perfection, it means to move constantly towards your goal.

The prophet said, The most beloved things to Allah are those done consistently even if it’s small.

Trying to be perfect hurts. Whenever you delay things in order to do it perfectly, it will give you stress and anxiety every time you see or remember it. Say for example, you are in the process for writing a book that you’ve always dreamed of. You are supposed to write a chapter a week. But you always think that it all has to be perfect. You are thinking like, Oh I wont be able to complete it anyway or I did not do enough research, etc. It is not perfect so I’d rather not do it. That would feel bad when you know you did not hit your deadline. When you are used to perfectionist mindset, it will end up hurting your career, relationship, business. It can affect your entire life.

Perfectionism is a form of self-sabotage. You could have been there, looking at your accomplished goals for the day, week, month or years. Instead, you are regretting why did you let perfectionism halt you from taking actions. There is something sweet on checking all or most of your to-do or bucket list swiftly.

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For us Muslims, it is important to always remember that we should strive for ihsan and perfection is for Allah.

Delaying to do things will cause us great pain and will always hold us back to the amazing things that Allah has in store for us.

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